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Volume Licensing and Implementation Support Options

Both the iOS/iPadOS and Android unrestricted version of the app VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.0 (VfE 3) can be licensed in volumes.

In short, for an iOS/iPadOS deployment your organization needs either Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. For an Android deployment you need a managed Google Play account.

Vistalize Oy provides a (custom) private app version of the VfE 3 app for the purpose of publishing and deploying the VfE 3 app to your selected devices, according to our mutually agreed specifications. You can also opt for Vistalize supported VfE3 coaching using MS-Teams, besides the VISTALIZER PDCA Review and Feedback service for each learner or PDCA work.

Using this organization specific publishing and app deployment model it is also possible to integrate the VISTALIZER Report solution into the VfE 3 app for an enhanced learning and implementation experience (see "The Big Picture" feature in the VfE 3 app). This set-up boosts additionally your real-life improvement performance, covering both the improvement effectiveness (VISTALIZER Report) and improvement efficiency (the VfE 3 app and possible additional VISTALIZER services) in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Please contact Vistalize Oy for more details.

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