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Video Supported Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is a great way of introducing f2f an idea or solution in ~30 s. This is something everyone should practice for their own company. For

the VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.0 (US) App the storyline could run like this:

"Your company could benefit greatly from assuring the improvement efficiency with our education and training app."

"It all boils down to the real-life improvement skills and motivation. This is often on a very low level, despite countless improvement efforts."

"Every person is unique. I have never met Average Joe."

"You have to master the improvement philosophy, approaches, and tools. How well depends on your ambition level."

"You also need to understand how to deal with change resistance and how to create motivation."

"Eventually, the PDCA logic is the key to assuring the improvement efficiency in real-life."

"Studying how a PDCA case is run with a 100% quality level provides you with the right mindset and vision."

"Then you need to do it yourself. And get a verification of your actual skills."

"Eventually, you should run the PDCA logic in your own company with a quality level >85%."

"Could you AirDrop the video you just showed while talking? Here's my business card."

"Sure! Thanks."

"Call me in the afternoon. I would like learn more!"

"I'll do that! Have a nice day!"

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