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VfE3 Version 3.6: Back-Up Your In-App Contents and Achievements

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

You can now make a back-up of your in-app contents and achievements, and store these the way you like. Use this export / import feature e.g. when you change to a new device. The feature is active in all paid versions of the app.

Launch the feature from the first button to the left in the lower button bar in the app's main (start) interface (see picture).

The export / import feature is available from VISTALIZER for Enterprises version 3.6 (Android build 1.7.0/170 and iOS / iPadOS v. 3.6.0). The contents exported from an Android can be imported to an eligible iOS / iPadOS device and vice versa.

The new version of the app updates also some of the background systems, provides some minor visual adjustments, and fixes some small bugs.

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