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VfE 3.4 Provides the Rate My Company Feature and Business Opportunities for Improvement Experts

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The new Rate My Company feature allows you, or your team, to rate up to all 27 issues in the Car Analogy based on how well the company performs or deals with the issues. You get thus one picture visualizing the company’s improvement profile for the rated issues. (white [not rated], green [OK], orange [needs attention] or red [critical/needs attention urgently]; see Figures 1-2 below for screenshots).

You can generate a specific code that your key stakeholders and fellow VfE 3 app users can submit to view your opinion of the company’s state of affairs. You can attach a pdf file, e.g. with observations and a proposal that the user(s) may launch via the Show Ratings feature.

Figure 1: screenshot (phone) of the Rate My Company feature.

These new features provide also business opportunities for external improvement experts and consulting companies:

  • You can provide the rating to your client company including a proposal how to proceed with the improvement efforts. Your client may launch your proposal (pdf) directly from the VfE 3 app based on your code.

  • You can facilitate client teams (management teams) in cultivating a rating everyone can agree on. How to arrive at one agreeable rating (code) is in itself a great way of fostering consensus among management team members, increasing motivation and decreasing change resistance. You do not have to rate every singe item, as you can leave the items also "white" (not rated), and rate them later.

  • The client may provide you the code as a basis for a request for proposal (RfP) or request for quota (RfQ).

  • The areas covered (the rating items) are rather vast (covering e.g. finance, strategy and strategy deployment, human resources, benchmarking, environmental issues, communication, the improvement plan and the related implementation [PDCA], tools, etc.) so here you can also team up with other service providers or other consulting companies, or the colleagues within your own company. This provides smaller consulting businesses with the means to scale up and network to provide added value to their clients. Larger consulting companies may provide even more complete solutions to their clients, and sell more with less effort and costs.

You are welcome to contact Vistalize Oy to discuss and develop suitable concepts and business models to boost your consulting business.

Screenshot (tablet)

Figure 2: screenshot (tablet) of the Rate My Company feature.

The update (iOS/iPadOS 3.4.0; Android Build 151) comes also with some interface adjustments and other refinements.

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