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Version 3.3 of the VfE App Includes Now the 'My Manuscript to Success' Feature

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

The Android version 3.3 (Build 1.4.9) and iOS/iPadOS version 3.3.0 of the VISTALIZER for Enterprises (VfE) app comes now with the My Manuscript to Success feature.

The feature combines the Mentored Areas feature with a sparring feature aiming at increasing the quality of your planning efforts and output. The objective is to help executives to produce a plan (”the manuscript”) that would outline how to realize a specific vision optimally. The idea here is that each executive (or team) should have an own manuscript to success that outlines how the organization, process or unit will make it from Performance Level Y to Performance Level Y+1, and beyond, as visualized in the supporting Figure A-13. The produced output is logically positioned between the vision statement and the (full-scale) strategy. As the name of the feature suggests, the text may be more personal than a formal vision statement and strategy, and could also be used as the executive's working paper. The maximum length of the manuscript is 3,500 characters including spaces.

The manuscript to success provides also a good content source for making slide shows and presentations to key stakeholders related to the specific vision. Also, the manuscript can be used to coordinate, update and develop a (full-scale) strategy providing potential gains regarding the performance of the strategy process itself, including better communication, flexibility and speed.

The sparring feature considers 20 areas and provides hints within these areas as the work advances. You will get both a quantitative and qualitative feedback. The quantitative feedback is visual by nature which means that you will get a red, orange or green "indicator light" for each of the 20 areas considered depending on how your work has progressed. The qualitative feedback provides considerations and/or observations that could improve your text further.

You could also combine the sparring feature with a peer review to gain additional perspectives and input. The VfE 3 app provides you with a notification once your text could be considered for a peer review. This notification trigging level is based on the amount of the provided advice, and is currently set to 80% (orange level), meaning that at least 16 areas have been (somewhat) covered.

When tapping ‘Spar’ related to the My Manuscript to Success feature, your input will be processed only locally on your device. Your submitted input is not transmitted from your device anywhere.

You'll find the feature in Education | Module A | 2.1.1 The Company Vision.

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