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Positioning Your Process Improvement Knowledge and Skills - What Really Matters and What is Actually Only Nice to Know

Updated: Apr 3

The app VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.6 (US) comes now with a hands-on indicator communicating a crucial performance: your process improvement learning achievements.

This My learning achievements, or in brief Learning achievements, feature reveals also your remaining learning potential at three different ambition levels (basic, medium, high).

Going beyond "nice to know knowledge and skills" provides the means to really improve the company culture and improving the improvement performance itself. What matters is your company's real-life improvement performance (time, quality, costs) and its impact on key operations (time, quality, costs).

Depending on your role, needs (incl. change resistance) and required ambition level you can design your customized learning path to match the need of your company using the feature Proposed Learning Paths.

The My learning achievements feature is rolled out on all markets starting first with the Android version of the VfE 3 app (build 1.7.8 / 178) as of March, 28. For devices running iOS / iPadOS / visionOS the feature is available as of version 3.6.4 rolling out April, 3. The minimum OS requirement is Android 9 Pie or iOS /iPadOS 16.0.

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