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Implementing AI Solutions Properly in the Organization Becomes Now a Bit Easier

Updated: Mar 8

Substance Update

The customized storytelling feature in the app VISTALIZER for Enterprises has been revised with regards to introducing and implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions in the organization.

The feature provides a great way to manage (potential) organizational change challenges when altering the way work is conducted, e.g. when implementing new technologies such as AI based solutions.

From a high-performance process improvement perspective, AI based solutions are as such no different from any another technology that plays a vital role in improving the interaction between people, data/information/knowledge, and material to produce the required output. How this interaction actually works determines the overall process performance in terms of time, quality and costs.

Use the feature preferably before implementing a new technology as the feature provides value input also for the implementation and change management planning itself.

Other Update

Besides, the background systems of the VfE 3 app have been updated with app usage analytics based on non-personal data. Ad features and ad personalization are disabled.

Updated VfE3 App Version

The updates are available in the Android version of the VfE3 app, as of version 3.6 (build 1.7.7/177), and is available for iOS/iPadOS, visionOS (v. 3.6.3) as of March, 08.

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