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Version 3.2 of the VfE App Comes Now With the Mountain Analogy Custom and Edit Mode

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The Mountain Analogy of the VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.2 app, available for Android tablets and smartphones as of build 148, and for Apple iOS/iPadOS devices as of version 3.2.0, contains now the Custom/Edit Mode.

The Edit Mode provides the interface to customize your own storyline within the Mountain Analogy. You can export the customized storyline and leverage the storyline to your targeted audience. The receiving VfE 3 app user can easily integrate the created storyline using the import feature and run it in Custom Mode.

The Custom Mode adapts automatically to the length of the customized storyline which means that the Custom Mode can be run with 1-23 customized items in any order. The available storyline path options are visually presented in Custom Mode using the 'Check Content Availability' feature. The used color coding for the feature is: green (both the statement and comment available for the item), orange (either statement or comment missing), or red (both the statement and comment missing). Only items with a 'green' status is considered when the user advances the storyline.

Team members can create specific parts of the storyline and export the individual inputs to each other's VfE 3 app to form a joint storyline. This means that different persons can make contributions to the customized storyline. Person A can e.g. deal with items 1-7 and Person B with items 8-15, and Person C with items 16-23, and export/import the created content to form one coherent storyline presented in the Custom Mode. This working mode provides an including way of presenting or outlining e.g. the improvement project at the team, department, process or company level, either in past, current or future tense.

In addition, the Edit Mode provides also business opportunities for improvement experts (consultants, educators and/or trainers) who can create and export specific storylines to satisfy specific client needs and audiences. The improvement expert can also work in a facilitating mode where the client's team members create their own storyline to fit the specific purpose with the help of the external or internal expert.

The FaceTime app of iOS/iPadOS 15.1 comes with a screen share feature that provides additional momentum when utilizing the Custom/Edit Mode to target specific audiences in a real-time education/training/consultation setting. This feature is applicable also if the receiving audience runs Android devices.

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