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Version 3.1 of the VfE App Out Now

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The Android and iOS/iPadOS versions of the VISTALIZER for Enterprises app enters into version 3.1. This update comes with the ‘Process Improvement Yield Concept’ feature.

The feature is added to ‘The “Big” Picture’ module. It includes a process improvement yield (PIY) score simulation/calculator. The PIY score is the single most important performance criterion related to high-performance process improvement. It reveals how well you are really able to realize your improvement potential. The total annual loss due to bad improvement performance affects greatly the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

The PIY calculator is based on a number of input data such as your improvement knowledge ambition level, your improvement knowledge level, and the four key PIY parameters. Besides, the feature contains an implication feature that provides insights and considerations depending on your specifications.

Location of the feature: just tap the orange button 'The Process Improvement Yield Concept' (in 'The "Big" Picture' module) that you'll find above the 'Comments' feature.

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