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The VfE 3 App Increases the Improvement Performance and Learning by Learning Path Codes

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The recent VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.0 updates for Android (1.4.0) and iOS/iPadOS (3.0.8) make it possible to submit a Learning Path Code that provides the Proposed Learning Path for that learner. The code provides the means to both manage and steer the improvement efficiency learning efforts individually. You can also generate own codes for your target audience using the Learning Path Code Generator.

The code can be customized to fit a specific improvement plan or need, time frame, and ambition level. This is beneficial both for the company’s improvement planning quality level and the implementation performance.

For external consultants, educators or trainers the Learning Path Code provides business opportunities in managing, mentoring and updating different learning paths of an organization's employees. Also, in live training sessions using the VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.0 app, the educator can easily align the correct learning path to the learners, and also highlight a certain module.

The VISTALIZER Report process improvement plan includes the attending key persons' (individual) Learning Path Codes as of April, 2021.

The Learning Path Code feature is available in the module 'Proposed Learning Paths'. It is available only for paid subscriptions.

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