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The Show My Progress Feature Visualizes How Your are Really Doing

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Update for the app VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.5 (US)

The Proposed Learning Paths module comes now with the Show My Progress feature that visualizes your learning achievements in ten key disciplines using the grading ”Not Passed” or “Passed”. Five of the disciplines extend the grading to also contain the grade “Passed with Distinction” to acknowledge an extraordinary achievement. You can track your current high-scores regarding these five disciplines via a numerical summary. In addition, you can register your verified PDCA2 document and essay score in the app to integrate these scores into the scoreboard and visual presentation.

Getting at least the grade "Passed" for all (most) of the disciplines shows that your understand the different areas to process improvement and company development. Especially your score regarding three disciplines stand out in this regard:

  1. the Essay Analysis (built in feature in the app) or the even tougher Verified Essay Score (optional service),

  2. the My Manuscript to Success Score (built in feature in the app), and

  3. the Verified PDCA2 Score (optional service).

Additional updates include the purchase interface that gets an update. For the Android version of the app an additional product is added, namely a prepaid subscription for 4 weeks. The release updates also some of the background systems and fixes some bugs..

The new version of the VfE3 app is released during week 13/2023. It has the following version code:

  • Android: build 166 / 1.6.6

  • iOS/iPadOS: 3.5.2

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