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New Service Available to Help Implement the VISTALIZER for Enterprises App In Your Organization

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

As of June 8, 2023, you are now able to order a high-class plan how to implement the app VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.5 (US) and related services in your organization. The service is released for production as of version v. 3.5.3 (iOS/iPadOS) and build 1.6.8/168 (Android).

This productified service is based on interviews with a selected group of key persons in your organization. One interview lasts 30-45 minutes. Technically, the interviews are done using Microsoft Teams, which makes it possible to offer the service to all market areas where the app is currently available. The education and training plan (the output) is approximately 12-18 pages long, and it is delivered electronically. Please note that the currently available languages include English, Swedish and Finnish.

The number of persons that are interviewed is typically 5-12 depending on the case. The objective of the interviews is to define individual preferred learning profiles. These profiles will be used as the data (input) for the analysis and synthesis. The synthesis assures that the customized education and training plan (the output) increases the improvement knowledge and skills of the staff optimally with regards to the starting level and available resources. The plan includes also a technical review.

Initiate the service by a Request for Proposal / Quote / Information as described in the module Proposed Learning Paths of the app. To process your request we need some background information of your organization or setting, including your business (your location[s], market[s] or customer[s] served and main challenges, briefly about your improvement history) and the process(es) you wish to improve. Based on this we will together define those person that will be interviewed.

The June 2023 update of the VfE 3 app (iOS/iPadOS v. 3.5.3, Android build 1.6.8/168) contains also some updates of the background systems, and provides also some minor visual adjustments.

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