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Introducing the Mini-Analogy Concept to Enhance the Learning Flow and Experience

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Today's VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.0 update for Android comes with an embedded "mini-analogy" (location: Education | Module A | Section 2.1.4) that communicates the essence of improvement effectiveness. This understanding is crucial for understanding how to achieve and run a high-performance improvement process in different settings, and with different ambition levels.

Although being located in the linear learning flow, the mini-analogy makes also use of the non-linear learning approach, besides utilizing storytelling features, to reach the set learning objectives.

Currently the Android version of the VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.0 app includes three analogies: the Mini-Analogy (improvement effectiveness), the Car Analogy (the improvement concept and whole) and the Mountain Analogy (management of organizational change).

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