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Introducing the Mentored Areas Concept to Enhance the Learning Flow and Experience

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

The recent VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.0 update for Android (1.3.9) and iOS/iPadOS (3.0.7) comes with a knowledge booster focusing on the crucial interaction between the improvement vision, strategy and operations from a high-performance process improvement perspective.

The feature utilizes the logic of mentored areas to customize and enhance your learning experience. It is especially useful for executives, management teams, and board members, aiming at creating exceptional value to the owners.

The knowledge booster is located in Education | Module A | Section 2.1.1 | Figure A-13. Although being located in the linear learning flow, the feature makes also use of the non-linear learning logic, besides utilizing storytelling features, to reach the set learning objectives.

Currently, the VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.0 app includes four dedicated knowledge boosters. These include, besides the now introduced knowledge booster featuring mentored areas (focus: improvement vision, strategy and operations), the Mini-Analogy (focus: improvement effectiveness), the Car Analogy (focus: the improvement concept and whole) and the Mountain Analogy (focus: management of organizational change).

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