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Improvement Performance Matters

This video, which is part of the VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.0 (US) 'Proposed Learning Paths' video series, points out in trailer format the essential considerations of improvement. These considerations fly in most cases below any organization's improvement radar. Hence, there is a great improvement potential and financial reward in fixing these shortages:

1) Measuring improvement quality (very few do; "if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it"...).

2) A low real-life improvement traction (most companies run their improvement efforts with a process improvement yield below 5%).

3) Being lean does not mean that your improvement efforts are (a common misconception).

4) If you want to shape up, then improvement performance matters (it's hard to shape up if your improvement methods/concepts do not provide adequate improvement performance in terms of improvement quality, time and costs).

The VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.0 (US) app has been designed to address these considerations from the outset as it assures your improvement efficiency. Time to shape up?

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