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Increasing Your Company's Improvement Efficiency in a Fast and Cost-Effective Way

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Introducing the app VISTALIZER for Enterprises – Revolutionize Your Business Operations

VISTALIZER is your ultimate solution for streamlining business operations and boosting productivity to new heights. Empower executives, managers, and employees with a robust process improvement knowledge base, tailored to your organization's evolving ambitions. provides extended outputs to get the most out of the app available for devices running iOS, iPadOSVision Pro or Android.

Your Company's Benefits

The real-life process improvement implementation quality of the average company is only 16%. Our solution assures an implementation quality of >85%, with total costs 35%–85% less, and results achieved 40%–85% sooner. Boost your total improvement performance by adding the VISTALIZER Report process analysis and synthesis to your efforts—and you have a high-performance process improvement system in place that is probably second to nothing.

Topical Writings 

VfE3 App Update (May/June): New In-App Feature: Discover the Seven Glimpses of VISTALIZER's Unique Value. The app gets also some background system updates. Read more in the blog.

You might also be interested in: "What to Do when the Economy is Freezing?Read the blog at

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Assuring Your Company's Improvement Efficiency is the e-commerce site of Vistalize Oy. It supports the implementation of the improvement education and training app VISTALIZER for Enterprises 3.x (US) providing e.g. a high level quality assurance for the training module PDCA2 (Plan, Do, Check, Act).


The app can be run in tandem with other VISTALIZER solutions ( that assure your improvement effectiveness. This set-up provides you with a high-performance process improvement process delivering constantly a high process improvement yield even to a complete value chain. Tap the button The "Big" Picture in the app for a detailed presentation of the concept, incl. improvement performance simulations and implications considerations to your business.

The PDCA Review & Feedback service is also available for your real-life PDCA work providing you with an attractive concept to assure and improve your company's improvement efficiency.

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Available Online Services

The services at aim at improving and assuring your process improvement efficiency online.

You can opt for three types of services:

  1. Review & feedback of your PDCA2 work (as of app version 3.0), or

  2. Review & feedback of your real-life PDCA work, or

  3. Quality assurance service of your essay related to the Car Analogy (as of app version 3.1).

Just book your review and feedback slot and send your PDCA work or essay within 7 days from the booked review and feedback slot (the confirmed date) to the e-mail address with your payment receipt. 

You are able to improve your PDCA work based on the review & feedback within 30 days (PDCA2) or 60 days (real-life PDCA work) from the booking date, and thus reach a sufficient PDCA quality level of 85% (170 points out of 200).


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The PDCA Review & Feedback Concept

A score of at least 170 points assures that the quality of your PDCA work and skills are on a sufficient level

The VISTALIZER® PDCA Quality Measurement Logic is presented in detail in the book High-Performance Process Improvement published by Springer (see Section 6.3, pages 192-195, for more info).

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Assuring Your Improvement Effectiveness

VISTALIZER for Networks and VISTALIZER Report

Vistalize Oy provides also solutions to improve and assure the improvement effectiveness (improving the right issues). More info about these solutions at

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VISTALIZER for Consultants

Producing and Delivering VISTALIZER Reports

Vistalize Oy provides external or internal improvement experts with the solution to deliver a high-class process analysis and synthesis to clients. More info about this solution at

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