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High-Performance Process Improvement Book Cover Picture

High-Performance Process Improvement

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High-performance process improvement takes process improvement to the next ambition level. The kernel of the substance is a generic process improvement process that operates under the strictest time, quality and cost constraints. Thanks to a modular composition and robust methods the scope may range from one single person to networks with hundreds of companies. This is realized via three high-class phases:


  1. network and company analysis and synthesis
  2. process analysis and synthesis
  3. the implementation, including process improvement education and training and the practical realization of the improvement potential


The presented methods contain mass customization features and a very advanced logic for optimizing the interaction of people, technology, information and material both in the process improvement process itself and the focus process.


The book is based on an extensive R&D effort and thorough practical verifications in more than 75 companies in almost any business and in all sizes.

  • ISBN 978-3-642-10783-2


    260 pages / 513 g.


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